Showbox Apk Download For Android

Showbox Apk is now the most famous android application for watching all the latest and trending TV programs and movies for free wherever you are. This application let you enjoy uncountable TV programs and movies without investing a single penny. There are several websites available on the internet where you can easily find the latest version of Showbox Apk. The point to keep in mind is that its Showbox official application is not available on the Google play store. After a lot of testing on several android versions, we get to know that the latest version of the main Showbox app is working accurately.

Today in this article, you will learn about the complete details of the Showbox app. We suggest you download this application right away and begin enjoying movies and other TV shows for free on your android mobile device. You should download the latest version of this application, as it offers you all the innovative features like music streaming, etc.

In this article, you will get to know about all the essential things to do to for making the Showbox Apk work efficiently on your Android device. The procedure of installation and downloading Apk has also been described in several steps for the ones who are unable to understand directly. Praise to the Show box app, it lets you watch movies and programs along with downloading and uploading HD movies without investing a single penny.

Actually, Showbox Apk is the source of happiness to people who do not want to spend money on getting costly subscriptions or do not have much time to invest in watching their favorite programs on television but still they want to stream paid content. This application is completely suitable for all these reasons. It lets you browse more than thousands of movies, trailers, TV series for absolutely free of cost.

Showbox Apk Download For Android

Features Of Showbox APK:

Showbox app is filled with several fascinating features, but it acquires some of the very interesting functions which you should know particularly. Take a look below, mentioning them to let you know completely.

  • This application let you watch all the latest movies, famous news and TV shows in many different languages.
  • There are countless free and paid TV series and movies available to enjoy.
  • It is completely free to use. You will not have to register yourself on this application. It lets you stream anonymously.
  • Along with this, it lets you change the streaming quality and the content according to your requirements.
  • Besides this, it allows you to download anything you want to store on your device memory and share to others also.
  • It acquires the libraries which are categories in a good manner, so you do not have to create a fuss to find the stuff you are looking for.
  • You can easily search the program or movie or explore it via the library; everything depends on you.
  • Showbox application is downloadable for all types of platforms like Android, iOS, PC, or Firestick.
Last Update4 January 2018
Available ForAndroid, iOS and Windows

Downloading And Installation Process Of Showbox:

Now you have an idea about the exciting features of Showbox; now definitely you will be wondering to know its downloading and installation process to your Android device. The thing you should always keep in mind is that; assure to download the latest version of Showbox Apk. This is the best way to get rid of streaming issues and such other problems.

Download ShowBox

Take a look below, mentioning the complete process of downloading and installing the Showbox application step by step.

1: Before you begin to download the application to your Android device, you have to ensure that you have enabled the applications which are from external sources. Showbox is one of those applications.

2: After this, find any reliable online source of downloading Showbox. Find an option which indicates Showbox application download or something alike. Press that, and your download will begin.

3: Seek for the Showbox Apk file. Only you will have to go to your device’s downloads and search the APK file from your download location.

4: Now, you have to start the installation process. For this, get the Showbox app to prepare its installation. Before its proceeding, the system will ask you for accepting the Terms and Conditions. Simply accepts the terms and condition and go to the next step.

5: Now install Showbox. You only have to hit the install button and wait until the installation gets finished. Now you are just a few seconds far from enjoying and browsing the extensive selection of movies and TV programs.

6: Get a feel for Showbox application. Before directly getting into streaming a movie or TV program, you have to select the explore button to get a feel for this application or press has done to do it next time whenever it’s possible for you.

7: It is necessary to assure that you are downloading the latest version of Showbox. It simply means to update, when your application demands you to update even for the first time you open it, go ahead and update it. It is essential because it will get you out of the risk of bugs interruption and viewing your favorite programs.

8: Browse all the movies and shows categorized. After the completion of the installation, give some time to the Showbox app to install the data. After it gets finished, its interface will show you several TV shows and movies to watch and download on your device. Now you are only needed to sit back and relax while watching and enjoying your favorite program.

The point to note: it is important to know that the points as mentioned earlier are particularly for downloading Showbox APK for Android devices. For downloading and installing on PC, you have to follow a different procedure.

Download Showbox APK for android
Latest Version Of Showbox APK

Is Showbox Illegal?

In some previous days, we have listened to several stories about the application Showbox. After deep researching, we got some interesting news about this.

Over internet and industry, there is just the thinnest line between legality and illegality for Showbox. You can say that this application is partly legal and partly illegal. You may wonder how, so here’s its explanation.

Showbox is an application which gives you complete freedom to explore a flood of programs and movies, and it does not even host any of it. It is just a convenient platform for downloading and viewing several movies and platforms. Even if you search those torrents on Google, you will easily find it. It does not indicate that Google is illegal, right? You may get an idea about it.

Showbox application is itself a platform to surf in between torrent links, and you download the movies and other stuff from that torrent links not directly from Showbox. It does not host those files. It is just a free application to search the torrent links of movies and other such stuff. In this regard, movie and TV studios are unable to directly sue the developers of application.

But you also have to keep in mind that, as the policy of the application, Showbox can take all the user details and give that to the movie and TV studios if they demand. It means that TV and movie studious will get to know all your viewing history and likes or dislikes.

You are not on a safe side, as downloading movies from torrent is illegal. Actually, you are lying on the thin line while using this application.

In this regard, we suggest you use this application with some additional precautions, which could be VPNs, as it will harm your privacy, which is definitely not liked by everyone.

Some Latest Updates Of Showbox:

  • Now you cannot open Showbox app without an internet connection. It shows that if you do not have a proper internet connection, the app will not work.
  • New version acquires a floating button which will fasten your searches and downloading.
  • It now has a manual option for different languages according to your preference.
  • Now it has a wider range of subtitles.
  • It has newer UI along with a clean and minimal look.
  • Its loading speed is also enhance.

The Features Of The New Version 5.35:

A few times earlier, its developers have promised to launch its latest version. Now its latest version is up in the market which is known to be v5.35, and it is the latest one on the internet now.

You can avail Showbox with the new interface which working quite fine. Now all the new and innovative features of Showbox are easily accessible like sports, TV shows, news, movies, etc. before this update users experience some technical issues in Showbox like internet connection failure, and such other. But now all these things are solved, and you can simply enjoy all the available Showbox features.

But along with all these, there is a problem which you have to keep in your mind firmly, Showbox does not own the rights of the copyrighted stuff uploaded on it. It would be risky for you too, as it can expose your history. There are several chances that you will get sued for watching copyrighted content as you do not have rights to view it.

Updates Include:

  • Fixation of bugs
  • Solved internet connection failure
  • Movie section works well
  • Much better user interface now

Showbox Asks For Gender And Age:

Ever wonder why Showbox asks for your gender and age when you open the application initially? Most probably, the answer would be no, as people don’t bother this much deeper.

But it is one of the essential aspects of the application. In recent time, several rumors were spread that Showbox shares user data with movie studios. But the real truth is different from this.

Showbox application never shares any user data with anyone UNTIL they ask for it. Yes, it can share if any of the movie studios asked for it. They keep all the data private until any question get raised against the user. And the age and gender are asked for giving you better-customized content and suggestions. It also gets used as survey stuff for analyzing the Showbox application using age groups.

It never affects user privacy; it’s just for better personalization of content for the users and their experience.

Why Use Showbox?

There are several people who do not want to spend any money on a monthly subscription or even tickets to watch the latest blockbuster to watch their favorite programs. Praise to this Showbox apk which is handy for all the android users. This video streaming application is available for all Android devices, along with tablets and PCs.

There are lots of reasons to download and use Showbox application, mentioning some of them below;

  • Important Features Of Showbox:

The first thing to mention is its attractive features. Showbox has several attractive features which will enhance your user experience. It is easy to navigate, which will be convenient for you to manage during a busy routine.

  • Download Now And Watch Later:

Another advantage is that, people can download the program to stream and watch that right away or if they are not available to watch so they can watch that in a time convenient for them. Yes, this function lets you watch whatever you want to download, and whenever you want according to your preference.

  • No Signup Account Necessary:

When you are using the Showbox application, you will not have to bother yourself for remembering the username or password to log in to stream your favorite movies and TV shows. It is a simple application to operate. Just open the application and begin to explore your favorite programs.

  • New Content Each Week:

You want to watch anything latest; Showbox gives you easy access to it. You will find new content each week so it will never bore you. You can stream vides anytime you want to, it will always deliver you quality content.

  • User-Friendly Search:

Showbox is completely easy to use, all its features are a direct and organize interface which makes searching easy. Its main interface split the movies into several categories like action, adventure, animation, comedy, romance, etc. you will not have to spend a lot of your time in searching the movie you are in mood off. Simply, take a look at the categories and select the movie for streaming.

  • Curated Sections:

As this is an application for Android, still you cannot find it on Google play store. Instead of this, you should do some research and get a credible source to download it online. Always check the source before downloading because you never want to get into malware and other malicious bugs.

  • Free Accessibility For Features:

The most amazing thing on Showbox application is that all its features are completely free of cost. Still, assure to download your favorable program from a reliable online source. For this, you have to do a little research to get to know which source could suit you best.


There are great features you can enjoy in this video streaming application. Showbox Apk let you enjoy your favorite movies and other TV programs are completely free of cost. Its user interface is completely easy to navigate and operate for the users. Several rumors were spread that it outsources the information of the user, but it only outsources to movie studios when they ask for. Yes, it is an illegal application to use as it can risk your information. But it is a famous application and being use by a wide range of people.